Autumn Shadows by Steven DeLair Blue Mountains by Thomas Hart Benton Coming 'Round the Mountain by Thomas Hart Benton Country Charm by Dale Nichols Elephants by John Steuart Curry Elephants by John Steuart Curry FASHIONS IN THE ABSTRACT: THREE by Dan Howard M37 by Shannon Hansen Samurai 1 by Hal Holoun Steel Donut by Shannon Hansen The Duel by John Steuart Curry Untitled Dango by Jun Kaneko

Kiechel Fine Art specializes in 20th century Regionalist art including work by John Steuart Curry, Thomas Hart Benton, Dale Nichols and Grant Wood. KFA is proud to represent the John Steuart Curry Estate and work with the Thomas Hart Benton Trust.

Our contemporary collection focuses on area masters in drawing, painting and sculpture.

We offer consultation for individual and corporate collectors as well as museums and are certified by the International Society of Appraisers for fine art.